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Ana Kane


My subconscious is the basis of my work. I have discovered it has hidden answers to many questions concerning fear, happiness and desire, which I am yet in the process of understanding.  The journey of unraveling my inner self is what has shaped my work throughout the years. The oil paintings, egg tempera grassa and watercolor drawings I create tend to be as colorful as I find life to be.  Sometimes, they are also an escape from reality; giving me the power to dream without any limits and to create the illusions I desire on cloth or paper.  I also make it a priority to include enough mystery as to allow the spectator to ponder and develop a variety of interpretations for his or herself.  


The constants in my work are very much related to neo-Mexican painting.  Exploring identity through figurative painting and symbolism is highly important to me.  Some have called my work surreal and naive.  Although that is true, I also believe it is honest. I speak as a woman from a particular Mexican social and cultural context, and every bit of that resonates in what I do. 


Aside from my admiration for symbolism and craft, Mexican design and printmaking is also interwoven in my practice.  Creating objects that integrate my personal aesthetics also takes up a big part of my time. I am a strong defender of beauty in art, and although that may come as a slippery slope because beauty is subjective, I am determined to explore my own version of it as I ponder on Mexican, female identity.



“Fear and insecurity get tangled and they block the window of life, allowing you to see only small %´s of reality distorting the rest of what your mind considers normal.”

ana kane

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Ana Kane (Monterrey, 1986)


Ana Kane is a Mexican born artist living and working in the United States. Thanks to an Extraordinary Ability Visa granted to her by the United States government on January 2017, she is now dedicated to developing painting, drawing and sculpture from Chicagoland.  


Kane holds a BFA from the University of Monterrey, Mexico (UDEM) and has participated in numerous group exhibits and four solo shows, including her most recent at the Jung Center in Houston, Texas. 


Her paintings are done using the highest quality materials, primarily relying on egg tempera for her canvases and watercolor for her drawings. Inspired by Mexican culture, Kane delves on certain elements and visual narratives involving textiles, female bodies, animal figures and vegetation. Her headless portraits are an important part of her work, allowing the spectator to understand human identity entirely through bodily representations.  


Parallel and complimentary to her work as a visual artist, Ana Kane develops artistic objects which include water-activated umbrellas that boast a series of colorful and unique designs.


Group shows & Colaborations


The Art Center - Highland Park, "Nature Vs Nurture"

Highland Park, IL



Zhou B Art Center, "Woman Warriors"

Chicago, IL


Mano Silla de Pedro F.

Cuidad de Mexico, MX 


Museo Metropolitano de Monterrey, "Expo Mujer"

Monterrey, México

Solo Exhibitions


The Jung Center - "Floating Woman"

Houston, Texas


Saqqara, "1/4"

San Pedro Garza García, México


Plaza Fátima - "Entre Otomí"

San Pedro Garza García, México


Museo El Centenario- "La Búsqueda"

San Pedro Garza García, México

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